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The ACIST CTA injector provides the ability to inject a saline chase and also has a patented extravasation detection accessory (EDA). This may help to protect patients from extravasations (E8005JD and E8005JE).

Design Enhanced Productivity

• IRiSCT Contrast Management tool. Automatically captures and consolidates essential contrast and syringe usage data
• Full rotation of injector head, either to the right or left a full 270°, allows use from either side of the gantry or table
• The injector controls swivel and remains vertical at all times.  The LED display is bright with high contrast and easy-to-see screen even at sharp angles
• Well-labeled buttons and matching lights – color-coded syringe identification system
• Arming at the injector enhances efficiency and throughput by allowing operator to arm injector in CT room. Great feature for small hospitals, imaging centers or facilities that operate CT rooms with one individual

Safety Features

• Patented EDA helps detect extravasation events
• Tilt sensor/lockout helps reduce possible injection of air embolus
• Dual pressure displays at injector head and remote for easy monitoring
• Voice prompts announce status of injection details for operator

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