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The ACIST | RXi™ Rapid Exchange FFR System

The RXi system with the ultra-thin ACIST Navvus™ Rapid Exchange FFR MicroCatheter gives you the freedom to quickly and easily assess FFR using your wire of choice.

Use your guidewire of choice

• The RXi system does not require the use of a specialized guidewire.

• The Navvus MicroCatheter delivers over your0.014˝ guidewire, providing you maximum control.

Maintain wire position

• The RXi system allows wire position to be maintained even when performing pull-back assessments of multiple lesions.

• This also facilitates rapid FFR assessments before, during and post-intervention.

Simple plug-and-play system

• Tableside, RXi is in a ‘ready state’ with the patient’s aortic pressure displayed.

• The RXi system requires zeroing only once,at initial install, when in the ‘stationary mode’.

• The Navvus MicroCatheter is self-calibrating once plugged into the RXi console.

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